House System

  1. The House system has been introduced in the School. Its aim is to inculcate in the students the spirit and collaboration so that each one contributing his/her own proper efforts and talents, may help to build up his/her House on the foundation of learning, sportsmanship and the fine arts of Drawing & Craft and Dance & Music. Amicable relationship and respect for others are placed in the forefront.

  2. The entire School has been divided into Three Houses. Each House has a Captain, a Vice Captain and an Advisor. Head-Boy and Head-Girl are also appointed/ selected on merits.

  3. To foster a spirit of healthy competition as well as to awaken a spirit of self- reliance and responsibility, the Grade/Point System has been introduced in all the Co-Curricular and Extra-Curricular Activities of the School. The allocation of Grade/Point will be done by the Teacher of each Class and the same will be carried out under general directives.

  4. Celebration to be performed by the respective Houses will come under the title 'Other Activities' as designated on the Notice Board and allotment of points will be done by the Principal or any other member of 'the staff so deputed.

  5. Sports and Games likewise will occupy very important part and are an invaluable means of acquiring valuable points a Team will be chosen by the House Captain to represent the House in the various inter house matches and other competitions that will be held in the course of the year.

  6. Point Allotment Programme for CELEBRATION:
    A Speech In English or Hindi, giving the significance of the Day, Person and his/her Works, a Group Song, Recitation or any other, of five to seven minutes duration. (Max. Pts. 15) House Wise Day: Wall Magazine/One Act Play/Song-Dance (In Group or Solo)when occasion arises/also appropriate speeches are to be prepared (Max pts. 50)

  7. Judgment on quality and not on quantity.
    Inter-House competitions will be conducted according to the Scholastic Year Programme, The Captains will see that as many students as possible have a chance to display their talents.

  8. The School reserves the right to change the rules. Also the Continuous Comprehensive Assessment and Semester System are introduced. Instead of Marks, Grades are awarded in most of the Subjects.

  9. Discipline is the basis of the House System. To ensure the practice of the Rules, the House Teacher-in-Charge will nominate representative in each Class, whose duty is to maintain discipline in his/her own proper section. Failure to comply should be brought to the notice through the House Captain.

  10. Not Education but Character is man's greatest safeguard. - Spencer